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October 13, 2014

W7 "All About the Eyes" Makeup Review

W7 Eyelust mascara W7 Liquid Eyeliner Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow

A couple of weeks ago W7 very kindly offered me the opportunity to try out a couple of their eye make-up products. I hadn't tried anything from W7 before and I've read a lot about the brand on other blogs so I gratefully accepted. I was sent W7's EyeLust Mascara*, W7's Liquid Eyeliner Pot* and W7's Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow in Think Pink*. I've tried out all three products and today I'm going to let you know how I found them. 

affordable drugstore mascara W7
Long lasting affordable liquid eye liner
affordable long lasting drugstore pink eye shadow

My least favourite product was definitely the EyeLust Mascara* - I found the mascara wand was just too big and stiff to achieve a look that I was happy with. I ended up smudging mascara on my lower lashline and on my eyelid so many times that I just got really frustrated whenever I reached for it. That being said, I am very used to slim, plastic mascara wands so this was very much out of my comfort zone. This was, however, the only big complaint I had with these three products. 

I actually found the Liquid Eyeliner Pot* incredibly good and it reminded me of my old faithful Bourjois Clubbing Eyeliner which I used to regularly repurchase. The brush for the liner is very stiff and quite thin, this makes it very easy to apply a straight and precise line but slightly harder to do a cats eye flick. It also did not budge throughout the day, even on my oily eyelids, and I felt really comfortable reaching for it even when I knew I had a long day ahead of me. I think it is the standout product from the three I tried and I would definitely recommend it if you're into wearing liquid eyeliners on an everyday basis.

Lastly, I was initially a bit lost when it came to W7's Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow in Think Pink* because it's a colour that I would never have picked out for myself. However, for such an affordable eyeshadow it has an incredibly beautiful sheen which makes the shade much easier to wear. It is a little bit powdery but so long as you tap your brush before applying I didn't get any fall out. The way I liked to wear this eyeshadow was by applying it across my lid close to my lash line and then adding some matte brown eyeshadow into my crease (see my photo below). What this gives is a really pretty and subtle sheen-y pink eyeshadow look that is very wearable whilst still being noticeably different from my usual everyday eye make-up. You can, however, apply the eyeshadow over a primer to intensify the colour and this gives a much more pigmented and metallic finish that also looked very pretty but not very "me". Overall I was really impressed with the shade and finish of the eyeshadow, it was so much more wearable than I initially gave it credit.

All about the eyes makeup look
I'm wearing all three W7 products in the above photo.

A big thank you to W7 to sending me these three products to review - I'm particularly impressed with the quality of the liquid eyeliner and I know I'll be reaching for it a lot in the coming weeks and months. You can find W7's makeup online here.

Have you tried anything from W7 before?

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  1. I think I picked up some of their stuff at the clothes show a few years back! Mascara is such a personal thing and I can see why that one might not have been for you, I like the sound of the eyeliner though and the shadow looks lovely lightly applied :) Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  2. I've never tried anything from W7, I think it's a very hit or miss brand. Still, the eyeshadow does sound and look decent x

    Amy / srslylou

  3. never heard about this brand, love the color of the eyeshadow !!

  4. Wow this looks amazing, wow the eyeliner looks good


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