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October 27, 2014

Introducing TEN Skincare's Anti Ageing Range

TEN Skincare contacted me this month and offered to send me their Anti Ageing Range* to feature on my blog. Now, I know that at the age of twenty-two I'm not in a position to review anti-ageing products but I did want to share the brand with you and give you my experience of the skincare products based on their ingredients, texture and how they work on my skin as although some skincare products are marketed as "anti ageing" they can still function well on a variety of skin types. I also plan on passing these along to my Dad soon so that he can write up his opinions on their anti-ageing properties which I will either add in to this post later or will include in a further separate post.
 I'm particularly keen to talk about TEN Skincare's products because I think they offer a very good range that is not only cruelty free but is also free from; parabens, ethanol, SLES, dyes, colour, lanolin and paraffin mineral oil. I'm certainly not "perfect" when it comes to all the products I use but I am trying to be more conscious about my beauty choices. If you're in a similar position to me and are looking for effective skincare that doesn't contain some of the nastier ingredients often found in beauty products then I would definitely suggest TEN Skincare's range. I've tried out four products and I've written a mini-review for each one. 

Revive Eye Contour Instant Lifting Cream Anti Ageing Luminescence Exfoliaiton

RRP £29.70*

This eye cream is rich without being heavy and it has a very gentle and comforting natural scent. It contains moisturising ingredients including shea butter and sweet almond oil which combine the benefits of Vitamin A and E as well as fatty acids. Together they work to create a product that is nourishing but that still completley absorbs into the skin with a speed that makes it suitable for use in both the morning and evening. It's a really lovely eye cream and it is by far my favourite of the eye creams that I've tried so far. It does also have anti-ageing properties, it contains Argireline that is a synthetic anti wrinkle ingredient that is supposed to reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines by preventing muscle movement. I can't personally comment on this aspect of the product, but the texture and high quality ingredients of the product are impressive enough for me to give this a strong recommendation. 

RRP £34.50*

The big name ingredient in this face cream is hyaluronic acid which is a bypolmer that absorbs the most moisturise compared to other ingredients. What this means is that by weight a small amount of hyaluronic acid will be much, much more moisturising than the same amount of water or other hydrating ingredients. Additionally, this moisture will not only penetrate the top layer of skin but will hydrate the lower levels of skin too. The cream is another light formula that absorbs quickly into the skin and I think it would be suitable for either day or nighttime use. It doesn't leave behind any residue on the skin which means that it would be suitable to use under make-up. I found this a rich moisturisers without it being heavy, but it wasn't entirely suitable for my combination skin-type. However, I think this would just be a dream product for those with dry skin.

 RRP £34.50*

This another light cream that is perfect for use during the day. The ingredients definitely suggest that it would be better for the daytime as it contains rice bran oil that offer natural protective properties against UV light. It also contains Jojoba Oils and these do leave a very light film on the skin but it is non-toxic and non-comedogenic so it doesn't block pores or cause breakouts. Additionally, both these ingredients contain tocopherols which are natural agents that work against free-radicals. So what you're left with is a very hydrating day cream that protects skin from a variety of daily stresses. If I didn't wear makeup daily then this would a great barrier to protect my skin but I find that it doesn't work as well as I would like under make-up. I have a feeling that my dad might really enjoy this product, as it has great moisturising and anti-ageing properties and the protective properties will come in handy as we live in London (aka pollutant central). 

RRP £29.70*

For me, this is the standout product. It's a cream based AHA exfoliater, and I haven't come across anything quite like it before. AHA's are naturally occurring acids derived from plants such as sugar cane, apples, grapes and citrus fruits. These AHA molecules penetrate the first level of skin and help slough away dead cells, leaving behind a brighter and fresher complexion. Alongside the use of AHA's, TEN Skincare's Luminescence Skin Exfoliation also contains Golden Jojoba Oil which has known anti-ageing, moisturising properties. Together, these two ingredients work to leave you skin glowing. You apply the cream as would a moisturiser and when you've finished massaging it into your skin you simply rinse it away. It works so well but still seems to be quite gentle compared to other AHA based exfoliaters that I've tried before. Although this definitely has benefits for ageing skin, I think this is a product that is suitable for anyone looking for an effective exfoliation product. I've really enjoyed using it and I'd definitely recommend it! 

Have you heard of TEN Skincare before? 
Did you like the sound of any of these products?

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