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October 28, 2014

Let's Go Lashes in Flirt 3

image of affordable false lashes
affordable false lashes

Recently I was contacted by Let's Go Lashes who very kindly offered to send me some of their strip lashes to try out. I am a complete false lash novice - I've never really worn them before, I think I've only tried to apply them once - but in the interest of trying out new things I took them up on their kind offer and chose the style Flirt 3*. Let's Go Lashes offer 40 different styles of false lashes which are divided into four ranges - Flirt, Tease, Temptress and Heartbreaker. I chose a pair from the Flirt range because I wanted some that gave me a 'fluttery' (and indeed a very much flirty) eye look. There are, however, all sorts of lashes to choose between and their false lash menu really impressed me. 

So, how did I get on - well, applying the lashes was easier than I thought it would be. I applied the lash glue provided and placed them on my lash line using tweezers and then pressed down on the inner and outer corners to secure the lashes. This was much easier than I expected! The lashes stayed in place for a long time and didn't fall off or need touching up. I disguised the lashes by applying liquid liner and also a small amount of mascara to my actual eye lashes - although I think this wasn't entirely necessary. All in all the process was simple and straightforward and the effect was really striking. I also feel as though one set of lashes could easily last me more than one wear as they seem to be durable and good quality (although I have't tried other brands so I don't have a reference for comparison).

 My only real issue is that I have quite hooded eyelids and these Flirt 3* lashes added so much length that they just didn't really suit me. Although I enjoyed trying them out I wouldn't  incorporate these into my regular routine, unless I could find a pair that suited my eyes better. Below I've included a before and after picture - the top image is of me wearing no mascara (annoyingly there is a bit of eyeliner on my lashes) and the bottom image is of me wearing Let's Go Lashes in Flirt 3*. I think you'll see that the contrast is striking! 

Although I didn't fall in love with the style of the lashes, trying them out really opened my eyes to the "false lash experience". My eye lashes could never look this long and full without false lashes and there are definitely occasions when I could see myself wearing them. I'd definitely recommend Let's Go Lashes and if I were to go on to try any others from their range then I'd definitely opt for Heartbreaker 2 and Flirt 2, as now know more what I should be looking for and these seem like they fit the bill perfectly.

Let's Go Lashes are offering all of you lovely lot a discount code where you can pick up 3 sets of false lashes for £9 - which is a very good deal as individually they sell for £6.50. If you're interested, just follow this link to the Let's Go Lashes online shop, choose your 3 pairs of lashes and enter the code LG3FOR9.

Do you wear false lashes? Have you tried Let's Go Lashes before?

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  1. I never really wear falsies, and I'm scared they'll pull off my own! But do look good, I am rather tempted now!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I've tried a few times to wear false eyelashes (you know New Years, Xmas etc.), but I can't get used to them... I feel like they make my eyelids too heavy and at the end of the night my eyes look smaller than they already are! The only false eyelashes I can wear are the individual ones. After reading your post though, I think I'm going to give false eyelashes one more try! ;)


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