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January 24, 2014

Review: Vichy Normaderm Hydrating Care and Chrono Active Anti Imperfection Night Care

After the success of Vichy's Normaderm Micellar Solution* (click here to read more) I was very excited to try more from Vichy's Normaderm line. I have a complicated skin type - it's combination (dry on my cheeks, oily on my t-zone) and it's sensitive but still blemish-prone. Keeping it looking hydrated without looking shiny and clear of blemishes without aggravating it can be difficult. However, Vichy's Normaderm range works really well on my skin as it is made with sensitive, blemish-prone skin in mind. I've been using Vichy's Normaderm Hydrating Care* and Vichy's Normaderm Chrono Active Imperfection Night Care* since the beginning of December and they've really impressed me. 

Vichy Normaderm Hydrating Care*
This is a really light feeling, fresh scented day cream that absorbs incredibly quickly but still gives my skin the hydration it needs. It doesn't leave my skin looking or feeling oily because all the product gets absorbed and I find it actually leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth. I like to use Vichy's Normaderm Hydrating Care under my make-up, I have no problems with it affecting my foundation and if anything I think my skin looks better when I'm using it over other skincare products. If you're looking for something lightweight that will keep your skin hydrated without breaking you out then this is a product I'd definitely recommend. I find good day creams particularly hard to find and Vichy's Normaderm Hydrating Care comes in at £12 which I think makes it good value for money. The packaging comes with a pump which carefully distributes the product and stops any from being wasted and the 50ml size will easily last me a total of three months. I'm really very pleased with it and would definitely recommend it to others with a similar skin type to me, or to anyone with sensitive, blemish-prone skin. 

Vichy Normaderm Chrono Active Imperfection Night Care* 
This is the night cream equivalent and it caters to the same skin needs and has the same light, fresh scent. However, Vichy's Normaderm Chrono Active Imperfection Night Care is thicker than it's day cream counterpart and has more of a creamy consistency (the day cream feels more like a mousse-like gel cream). The night cream absorbs very quickly which is great if you layer up your skincare products in the evening and it does offer the perfect amount of hydration for the oilier parts of my face. I think generally Vichy's Normaderm Chrono Active Imperfection Night Care is enough for my skin but I do feel as though sometimes my dry cheeks need something a little bit more intensive if I were to be using this product alone. My solution has been to continue using my facial oils (I particular like using one from Liz Earle) on my cheeks in conjunction with this night cream. However, it would be perfect for anyone who doesn't suffer from dry areas of skin - so anyone with oily/normal skin types  - but if you have dry skin then I think this isn't the right product for you. Vichy's Normaderm Chrono Active Imperfection Night Cream costs £13 for a 50ml tube but I would probably get through this faster than the day cream as I tend to apply more product in the evening. Overall, it's very impressive and it doesn't aggravate my skin or break me out (something which a lot of night creams do) but I prefer the Normaderm day cream.

One claim that both products make is that with continued use they help to reduce the size of open pores. I definitely have a lot of issues with my pores, especially on my chin and my nose, and while I didn't notice much improvement on my chin I do think that together these two products have helped tighten the pores on my nose. They definitely appear smaller and they have stayed looking tightened and less open. The improvement hasn't been miraculous but it has been noticeable and I am very, very pleased with it. I think that if I hadn't been trialing them over Christmas (a period which was for me one of indulgence and also a great deal of work stress) my skin would probably have shown further improvement. This is definitely a quality worth bearing in mind and I do think that if you have large, open pores then you might want to consider giving these moisturisers a go. 

Have you tried any of Vichy's Normaderm line? Would you recommend any of Vichy's other products?



  1. Sounds like an interesting product.

  2. Have you used the Vichy foundations? I really want to try them out but £15 is a lot to spend when you cant test them first :(

    Sarah x

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I loved the micellar solution too!

    I haven't got too much problem with pores, only a small amount on my nose but if they help with that, that would be brilliant!

    rosielouiselove xo

  5. I have been interested in the night cream for a long time, because usually night creams tend to break me out (even though my skin is quite dry in patches), so I'm really excited to try it now :)
    Great review.


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