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January 10, 2014

The Stand-In: L'Oreal EverRiche Conditioner (for Dry Fine hair)

L'Oreal's EverRiche Conditioner (a seriously hydrating offering for dry but fine hair) was only ever meant to be a stand-in conditioner. I'm running dangerously low on my much beloved Kerestase conditioner but with at the thought of a £13+ replacement I decided I'd venture elsewhere first. Browsing the aisles of my local Sainsburys I picked up L'Oreal's EverRiche Conditioner because I'd been impressed with the matching shampoo. Little did I realise that the conditioner exceed even my already high expectations. It is creamy without being heavy and it has the most gorgeous apricot scent. I never knew I loved the smell of apricot lingering around my temples but it turns out I do because it feels like I've been bathed in fresh fruit. The results of this product are very impressive too. I've been putting off having my hair cut (do you do this? - the small talk is too much for me!) and with dry, split ends being the result I have a lot of boxes to be ticked when it comes to hair products. Surprisingly, this conditioner meets all of my demands:

  • My hair is left soft and shiny. 
  • It is smoother with fewer flyways.
  • My hair is much less dry.
  • My hair is not weighed down.
  • My hair does not get greasy more quickly.

Basically, for the £4 I spent I got a real gem. My only advice if you have fine hair - less is more. An amount the size of a pound coin is enough for my mid-length/long hair. If you haven't already tried the L'Oreal No Sulfates ranges I would highly recommend it - this is the fourth product I've tried (I've used three of the shampoos) and I'm happy with them all.

What conditioners do you like to use? Could you recommend any other products for fine hair?



  1. I like the sound of this! I have quite fine hair that due to hormones falls out, more in the summer or when im stressed, so I always want to make sure its hydrated and shiny! I have a love/hate relationship with L'Oreal, I may give this a go

    Catherine x

  2. I had the purple one from the Expertise range and I loved it. I'm hearing a lot of good things about this one and as it's on offer in Boots at the moment it would be silly of me not to pick one up!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  3. To be honest, this one was the best conditioner so far (+ a good one in a long time)! I really dig that L'Oreal line, it totally works on my hair :).


  4. This sounds amazing! Great price too! I will have to give this a go myself ;D x

  5. I actually have really thick hair and still adore these! Such amazing value, they feel so high end x

    Elissa |


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