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April 12, 2013

DAYDREAMING... Pet Rabbits

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I know this was a bit of a weird post from me but it's the second post in my 'Daydreaming' series [read my first post here] and they're all going to be about things that I've been daydreaming about a lot and this month I've been pet crazy! For years and years now I've wanted a pet rabbit. I think rabbits are the cutest of all the domestic pets, possibly the cutest of all animals ever. The problem was always that my family didn't agree, we always had cats (which, don't get me wrong, I do love) and we had one dog when I was growing up. It isn't that these pets weren't enough for me, I loved each and every one of them, but they weren't rabbits! They could never hop, they didn't have ridiculously oversized floppy ears, and they didn't make me 'squeeee' with excitement about their cuteness in the way that my friends' pet rabbits did.
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I still, to this day, daydream about owning a couple of house rabbits. The idea of a couple of rabbits hopping about my home fills me with glee- and I can't be the only one! I know that Jennie from sailboat. has a gorgeous rabbit named Ralphie whom she features on her blog often (but not often enough for me!). I don't follow many blogs where people talk about their pets but I find that when you do see them they always make for great personal posts. Sadly, I can't see myself getting a pet of my own any time soon as I'm not going to settling down anywhere for the next couple of years due to continuing on at University after I graduate this Summer. I do, however, still have a gorgeous cat who lives back at home with my family in London and whenever I'm back home he dotes on me like there's no tomorrow. Animals really never forget you, it can be months and months before I see him again and he'll still come and sleep next to me from the first day I get back until the night before I leave, it's adorable. As soon as I move back home and get settled he's going to be coming to live with me! I just hope he can handle a potential rabbit friend at some point.

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For anyone who shares my love of rabbits then this might be worth checking out- a while ago Charlotte from LilMissChickas mentioned on twitter that everyone should look up 'bunstagram' on their instagram. It didn't take much for me to look the hashtag up and as soon as I did I just found tonnes of pictures people had taken of their pet rabbits! It's a fantastic hashtag, definitely one of my favourites and for those of you without instagram, if you just Google 'bunstagram' the result is very similar! 

I  hope you enjoyed this month's Daydreaming post! You can look forward to a return to everything beauty related tomorrow :)


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  1. I adore rabbits, I always had them as pets as a kid, in fact I had a bunny called Toffee who was with me through senior school right up until the day I left for Uni when he sadly passed away. That was a million years ago and I still miss him :)

  2. Bunnies are soooooo cute! I wanted one when I was little but now I have a dog again!
    Follow me maybe?
    -Jenna ;)

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