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April 20, 2013

Review and Swatches: 17 Mirror Shine On Lipsticks in L.A and Shouty

review swatch lipstick 17 L.A Shouty
review swatch colour lipstick 17 L.A Shouty
lipstick swatch colour 17 L.A Shouty review
17 review packaging swatch mirror lid

I only discovered 17's Mirror Shine Lispticks really quite recently (a couple of months ago) so I've missed a lot of the hype that these little beauties caused. Nevertheless, they definitely deserve a review as I do reach for both of these shades quite often and L.A made an appearance in a FOTD I did a while back. 

I'm a BIG lover of sheer lipsticks, I think they make bright colours really wearable during the day-time and they tend to fade really nicely and easily. They offer a super easy bright lip which needs minimum maintenance apart from reapplications (which I find really easy to do given the fantastic packaging of these lipsticks- that mirror on the lid is so helpful). The formula of these lipsticks is really lovely. They glide over the lips really smoothly and leave a super glossy slick of colour behind. All you need is one layer as I tend to find that they apply really evening but you can also layer them up a little bit to make the colour look more intense. They don't last terribly long, maybe an hour or so, but they feel really hydrating on the lips which is a nice change from some other lipsticks. 

I absolutely love the two colours I picked up. Shouty is a really punchy light, bright pink that I find brightens up my face. I like to pair this with a pink blush to build up a 'just pinched' sort of look, worn like this I think it's super pretty. However, I am wearing it with a peachy blusher in my lip swatch below so you can see how it looks worn like that. L.A looks really orange in the bullet but it swatches a really sheer orange with a red tint to it. I love this shade, it's a lovely colour to wear especially in such a glossy formula. I think it's a really versatile colour and it's perfect for people who don't like high maintenance red or orange lipsticks or are dipping their toes into brighter colours for the first time. As I said, I wear both of these quite a lot but I probably have worn Shouty more as it's a pretty unique colour in my lipstick collection!

You can see more closely what the colours look like below!

L.A Shouty swatch review colour 17 lipstick mirror shine
17 mirror shine lipstick Shouty swatch colour fotd
review swatch fotd lips colour L.A Mirror shine lipstick

Top photo: Shouty (top), L.A (bottom)
Lip Swatches: Shouty (top), L.A (bottom)
sorry about my fluffy fluffy hair!

All in all, I think that these are fantastic lipsticks. They cost £4.79 (available from Boots) which I definitely would say they are worth. I'm thinking of picking up the shade 'Beehive' next, which is the line's most raved about shade, but if you have any shades you'd like to recommend I'd love to check those out too!

What do you think about these lipsticks? Do you like the colours I picked up?



  1. They looks lovely! The 17 lipsticks are always raved about, really don't know why I haven't tried any shades yet.

    1. Thank you :) They're really nice, definitely worth the hype! I'd definitely recommend that you check them out at some point xx

  2. I've just done a review of beehive cheeky secret and L.A on my blog i'd love for you to check it out xxx

  3. I love 'LA'! Its not too bright and it looks amazing on you!

    Tilly, x

  4. My fave swatch is LA, it looks really nice on you AND it comes with its own mirror! Love it!



    1. The mirror is so so handy! I wish more highstreet lipsticks had packaging like this. And thank you :) I do really like L.A, it's a wonderfully wearable shade xx

  5. Pretty lipsticks. They both look lovely on you. :)

  6. Ooh I really like the look of L.A. - it's not normally a colour I'd go for but I like the fact it's quite sheer! xx

    1. The whole of the Mirror Shine range is sheer, I love sheer lipsticks and they have some gorgeous colours- I'd definitely recommend them :) xx

  7. Shouty looks so pretty on you! I usually ignore 17 but I'll have look at these x


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