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April 15, 2013

Review: Skinetica anti-blemish solution

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This product has graced many a blog over the last six months, and not without reason. Skinetica is a product that is supposed to help more quickly clear up blemishes as well as helping stop them from occurring- quite some claims, but I would say that it has lived up to them. I started using this about two months ago now (I've actually just finished the bottle that I've pictured above) which means that the 100ml has lasted really quite well. Skinetica is a clear liquid that you apply as you would a toner, I squirt some of the product onto a cotton pad and then apply it to the areas of my face that I feel need some extra help. Using this every evening at the end of my cleansing routine I have really noticed that my blemishes have been far more infrequent than normal and that when I do get a full blown break out this really helps calm down the redness. Skinetica isn't a miracle product though. It doesn't zap spots into oblivion or give you perfect skin. It is, however, a great product to incorporate into your skincare routine if (like me) you are prone to small blemishes that you want to clear of redness (so they don't shine through even your best concealer like little beacons of evil). For me, this is what Skinetica helps with and I've noticed that I don't have to pull out the heavy duty concealer as often since I started using it. My sensitive skin hasn't reacted badly to Skinetica in any way so I wouldn't describe it as harsh on the skin but I do find it tp be just a tad drying so wouldn't recommend it for those out there with super dry skin or eczema.

It's a difficult product to rave about because it's mainly a preventative and it's really easy to overlook the effectiveness of these sorts of products. But I really do think that it has worked well for me and I'm going to be continuing to use it- I already have another bottle! It's possible to get a small 15ml sample off Skinetica's website (here) for free, all you have to pay for is a small delivery charge, which I think is a great way to see if you like the product before buying into a large bottle. The large bottles cost £9.99, which I think is reasonable given how long they last, and are similarly available off Skinetica's website.

Have you tried Skinetica before? What products do you use to help with blemishes?



  1. I love this stuff :) I use it to dab on my spot rather than all over my face xx

  2. I have some of this that I am waiting to try x


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