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April 16, 2013

Taking advantage of great offers: A small L'Occitane Haul

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If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll probably know by now that L'Occitane are one of my absolute favourite skincare brands. If I could, I would buy out the entire shop. I love the quality of their products and my favourite range of all is their Almond range. I've reviewed quite a few products from their range in the past (if you'd like, you can take a quick look at these reviews here, here and here) and all of them have been pretty much raves as I haven't yet bought a product from L'Occitane that I haven't loved.

Anyway! When I recieved an email featuring a pretty sweet offer I swooped in and took advantage of it. The offer was that you got a free 250ml bottle of their Almond Shower Oil (my absolute favourite shower product, out of all shower products... ever... seriously, it's amazing) when you spent £35 or more. Given that the 250ml bottle is worth £17 this is a good offer! Especially good if you were planning on picking something up from there anyway, like I was. 

I've had my eye on L'Occitane's Ultra Gentle Moisturiser for a while now. I've burnt through many a sample sachet of this beauty and always exclaimed how nice it is whenever I've tried it, and yet the price, a pretty steep £25, isn't the sort of money I'd normally splash out on a moisturiser. Tempting offers aside, because yes they are alluring but in this instance they weren't all that encouraged me to shop, I really do think that good skincare products are an investment and that we'll reap their rewards when we start to, ahem, mature. I love my skin, I love how it looks and I'd love it to stay looking like this for years on end but there are also aspects that I'd like to improve. I think starting to use this moisturiser which not only has an 8% Shea Butter content which will nourish and soften by skin but also is specially formulated to be ultra gentle and to help make sensitive skin less reactive. For me, this seems like a worthwhile investment although I'll be interested to see what differences I notice. Naturally, I'll be reviewing this when I've given it a good usage so I can update you on how good it really is.

To bump my purchase up to the needed £35 limit I chose the Almond Summer Silhouette Collection. This is a lovely little pack full of all the Almond products that I love, it's a great way to sample the range if you don't want to invest in a single expensive product. It has my favourite Almond Milk Concentrate, a very generous sized Almond Shower Oil and some gorgeous Almond Hand Cream and exfoliating Almond Delicious Soap (I've reviewed most of these if you want to get a low-down on how good the products are). Usually this set is £25 but there was an offer on which halved it's price making it a far more reasonable £12.50. I'm planning on using this kit as a travel set, especially as it comes with that adorable travel bag. This is the perfect sort of thing to leave at your boyfriend's house as it'll mean you won't have to sacrifice a pampering shower routine even when you're away from your usual beauty arsenal - this is my plan anyway. 

And then the freebies! The L'Occitane Shower Oil was completely free and is going to be topping up my 500ml pump bottle that I keep in the shower at all times. I also got to choose two small samples, I chose the Ultra Rich Body Cream (a gorgeous, thick body moisturiser) and a sample of the richer version of the Ultra Gentle Moisturiser just to see if I like the formulation of it.

The offer code to receive a free 250ml Almond Shower Oil is SOFT13 (enter the code at checkout) and this offer is running until May 1st 2013. The offer on the Almond Silhouette Collection is featured on L'Occitane's website, until stock runs out.

Let me know if you pick anything up from L'Occitane, or if you have any L'Occitane products that you can't live without!



  1. Amazing freebies!

  2. wow this is lovely xx

  3. The packaging of these products alone makes me want to buy them! I need to stop loving packaging so much, it's a terrible mindset! xxx

  4. I'm so tempted by this offer but I haven't used up my L'Occitane products from xmas yet! Though that's never stopped me before lol x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  5. I really really shouldn't lace an order - but it's hard not to with such a god deal on!

  6. I really want to try the shower oil! I purchased the famous hand cream yesterday and I absolutely love it!
    A MakeupHabit

  7. Can't beat a good freebie. Have you been to a L'occitane outlet store before? You can get some really good bargains I went in one for Xmas presents and some things are better than half price :)
    Kirsty x


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