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October 02, 2012

BUDGET BEAUTY #3: Carmex Lip Balm

All of the Carmex Lip Balm range is currently on 50% off at Superdrug so last week I thought I'd stock up on lip balms before the weather gets any worse as I'll definitely be needing them.

The texture of both of these is totally different to the Carmex lip balm tubs, its thinner, more glossy and easier to apply. On the lips it is so shiny that it kind of looks like a clear lipgloss so it offers you both the moisturising goodness of a balm as well as the sheer shine of a lipgloss product. The Strawberry one is my favourite of the two, it smells incredibly sweet but I sort of love that. The Mint flavoured one is nice, very fresh smelling, but it isn't as nice as the Strawberry one (might be useful to keep in your handbag for use after eating/drinking out though).

If you're after a new Carmex lip balm then now is the time to stock up on these in Superdrug stores as the whole range is on offer! You can also find them online here and here for £1.27.

Do you have a favourite Winter lip balm that you'd recommend? 




  1. I was looking at these in Superdrug today but didn't pick one up (not sure why lol). My fave 'balm' well it's a butter is The Body Shop's Lip Butters they are delicious! Great post.



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. The Body Shop Lip butters are all gorgeous, really tempted to pick up the Shea one but I still have nearly all of the Dragon Fruit one to get through! x

  2. 50% off is a great offer! I only hope it's still around when I'm back in the UK in about 10 days. :)

    By the way, I nominated you for the Blog Bug award! You can read more here. :) x

  3. Hey.. I know these..
    but never tried :(


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