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October 09, 2012

MINI MUST HAVE #3: Charles Worthington Hair Serum

I've never been much of a 'Serum' girl so I initially bought this mini just to give it a go, as a tester. However, now I've been using it for a week and half I've noticed the benefits and really do love it. I use it when I've blow dried my hair just to manage the ends. I rub a pea sized amount between my fingers and just sort of run my hands over the lower third of my hair, concentrating on my ends. Usually I do this twice, once on each side of my head. Even using this little amount I can see that my hair looks less frizzy and more glossy.

This has been a god send for post-gym showers. I'm usually very laissez faire about my post-gym routine and my hair takes the brunt of this as I usually blow dry it, am horrified and then slick it up into a top knot / ponytail. However, when I use this I feel as though it looks a lot more 'done' just because it isn't all messy and frizzy. For that reason alone I would class this as a must have, because for me anything that stops me coming up with excuses to skip going to the gym is a product worth having. 

I couldn't find this in the online store, but I picked this up in Boots for around £2.

Do you use hair serum, if so what do you use?



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  1. Cool post!!:)

    Foundation - Thrifty or high end whats your favourite?


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