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July 18, 2015

Lippy Girl Vegocentric Vegan Lipstick in Son of a Brick Review

one little vice beauty blog: cruelty free natural vegan lipstick orange shade

Lippy Girl Vegocentric Vegan Lipsticks are seriously, seriously good. Not only are they vegan friendly but they're also gluten-free and chemical-free, made from natural oils and waxes as well as natural mineral pigments. But vegan or not, if you want a really easy everyday lipstick formula that won't dry out your lips, but will still hang around for long enough to justify it's application, then I'd highly recommend them. 

One of my favourite easy-to-wear shades is from Lippy Girl and it's called Rosie Posie, and if you like complexion brightening pinks then Coral Me Maybe is another lovely choice. But today, I'm going to talking about my newest Lippy Girl Lipstick in the shade Son of a Brick* - it's quite unlike anything else that I own, and I just love it. 

one little vice beauty blog: natural cruelty free vegan orange lipstick

On first inspection Lippy Girl Vegocentric Lipstick in Son of a Brick* didn't inspire me all that much. I had assumed that the colour would be a brighter, more in-your-face orange that I've grown accustomed to seeing on my Instagram feed. Instead, it's a slightly more grown-up, almost retro, brick orange colour, in an opaque and creamy formula that applies smoothly and evenly and can be worn boldly or sheered out into more of a subtle stain. Swatched on my hand below you can get an idea of the colour and can see that it's warm without being too bright, and you can begin to understand why it's called "Son of a Brick".

one little vice beauty blog: natural vegan cruelty free lipstick orange shade

On the lips I was so surprised by how this shade transformed, looking far more sophisticated than I'd ever expected! It transforms your entire makeup look without having the intensity of a red lipstick. Orange lipsticks aren't to everyone's taste but I think that this shade is incredibly flattering against blue and green eyes, and it looks really lovely set against brown and khaki clothing. Lippy Girl Vegocentric Lipsticks last really well on my lips (plus they don't bleed beyond my lip line!) so I feel entirely confident wearing their bolder lip colours. I try a lot of lipsticks and the formula of Lippy Girl Lipsticks is one of my favourite out of my entire collection. 

one little vice beauty blog: vegan cruelty free lipstick in orange

Lippy Girls Vegocentric Vegan Lipsticks are available from MyPure for £12.50*, but they're often on offer for £10.0o.



  1. Looks a pretty shade! I'm a huge Rosie Posie fan and was distraught when I lost mine on a night out! A re-purchase was a necessity! x

  2. This colour is so unusual, and it looks great on you! Definitely going to get my hands on this and give it a try :)

    Katie || KNEL xx

  3. Such a striking colour on you Angelica! I am loving Coral me maybe at the moment, so pretty for summer :) Xx

  4. Love this shade, and the color really suits your lips!


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