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July 11, 2015

Mio High Intensity Bodycare Fit Skin Kit

one litle vice beauty blog: Mio Boob Tube Workout Wonder and The Activist

I was very kindly sent the Mio Fit Skin Kit* by John Lewis Kingston who stock Mio's impressive body care range. The Fit Skin Kit features three products; Mio's Boob Tube Multi-Action Bust Firmer, Mio's Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Motivating Gel and The Activist Firming Active Body Oil. I've tried a couple of Mio's bodycare products before and was really impressed by how effective I found them, so I had pretty high expectations of this trio. And if you're curious, none of Mio's products are animal tested which is always nice to see!

one litle vice beauty blog: Boob Tube Multi Action Bust Firmer, Invigorating muscle gel, active body oil

I was initially quite sceptical about a dedicated "bust" moisturiser, but after trying this out I'm actually quite the convert. I'm only twenty-three but when it comes to certain areas of the body I think that there isn't any harm in starting to take extra care of oneself. Bust creams are a bit like eye creams, you think you don't need them but prevention is much easier than a cure! I've found that since I started gently exfoliating using Clarins' Exfoliating Body Scrub* and following up with Mio's Boob Tube Bust Firmer*, I've never had softer or smoother skin on my décolletage. The consistency of the product is interesting, it feels like and absorbrs easily but it's got a sort of thickly whipped texture that makes a little go a very long way. I think the results of this cream are noticeable even after one use, so although it seems like an expensive product I do believe that it's doing quite a lot for me.

I didn't know what to expect from Mio's Workout Wonder but I've been pleasantly surprised. It appears to be the amped up version of a product like The Body Shop's Tea Tree/Mint Leg Gel which I always used to see my mum using. Mio's Workout Wonder has a light cream-gel consistency and a powerful spearmint scent, once applied to the skin it's supposed to increase your circulation helping to ease any aches or pains. I don't know if it helps in the long run, but in the short term it has great cooling and reviving properties. I think it's a great product for anyone travelling in hot weather who might want something to rub onto their feet and legs after a long day - but for anything injury related I'd always recommend seeking medical advice. For me personally, the Workout Wonder is a nice product to have to hand, and I do think it works, but I'm not overly excited about it. However, I must say, the texture is a lot nicer than the old fashioned cooling gels that I'm used to and it's faithful to the high-quality standard that, thus far, I've experienced from Mio's bodycare. 

This is the only product out of the three that I'd tried before - and it's safe to say that my feelings about it haven't changed. It's an incredibly body oil, one of the best I've ever tried, and it can transform the way your skin feels in just one application. I typically apply body oils onto damp skin after showering, massaging the product into my skin until it's fully absorbed. In the case of Mio's Body Oil, it doesn't take long for the product to be completely abosorbed into my skin and my skin is left looking and feeling so much softer and smoother. The results are also really long lasting, which is great for anyone who doesn't love to moisturise their skin every day. I'm definitely a convert - I really do love this body oil and I'd highly recommend it.

Mio Fit Skin Kit* features trial sizes of these products and is available from John Lewis Kingston for £26.50*.  



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