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July 21, 2015

Nicka K Hydro Lipsticks available from Beauty Crowd

one little vice beauty blog: american makeup available on beautycrowd

one little vice beauty blog: american lipsticks available on Beauty Crowd

Beauty Crowd is an online retailer who stock numerous beauty brands and they specialise in bringing brands over to the UK who you otherwise can't find here. In the past, they've been sole responsible for the distribution of  ELF Cosmetics but now they've expanded their horizons and distribute many other brands, including Milani, Jordan, Absolute and many more. 

One American brand that Beauty Crowd stock, which I hadn't had an opportunity to try before, is Nicka K, and I was very kindly sent two of their lipsticks to put to the test. Founded in New York in 1995, Nicka K is commited to providing high quality makeup at affordable prices. I have to admit that these lipsticks have really exceeded my expectations - not only because the rose gold coloured packaging looks much nicer than I'd expected, but the quality of these lipsticks is really good too. 

one little vice beauty blog: affordable american makeup online
one little vice beauty blog: affordable american makeup

Nicka K Hydro Lipsticks* ((£4.95) are availabe in 24 different shades, but the two that I've been trying out are Fuzz and Forward. I was really happy to recieve the shade Forward - it's a very deep red, but it isn't too dark or vampy. I absolutely love shades like this, in fact it remnds me of the much hyped Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107, however, personally I find the Nicka K moisturising formula a lot more comfortable to wear. Plus, because these Hydro lipsticks have a creamy consistency you can really build up the colour - allowing you to opt for a full on lip (like in my photo below) or just a light stain. The most wearable way to apply Forward is to pat your finger onto the top of the bullet and then just smudge the colour onto your lips, working it in to leave a matte-looking stain. Applied in both ways, I love the colour and the formula makes it very comfortable to wear!

one little vice beauty blog: affordable american makeup from beautycrowd

Unlike Forward, the shade Fuzz* is totally out of my comfort zone! It's a very pigmented and incredibly frosty baby pink which reminded me of a Nivea lip balm that I used to own as a teenager. However, although I'm still in two minds about the colour I am really impressed with the texture of the lipstick. Often I find frosty or glittery lipsticks incredibly uncomfortable to apply and to wear, but Fuzz has a really smooth and even texture that applies really nicely and feels good on the lips. It isn't quite as smooth as the texture of Forward, but it's still very nice and has a similar hydrating feel once applied.

one little vice beauty blog: affordable american makeup available online

 Although I have a definite favourite between these two shades I really like that the quality is consistent between these two very different finishes. If you enjoy lipsticks with a creamy consistency and a hydrating feel then I'd definitely recommend Nicka K's Hydro Lipsticks*. You can find them online at Beauty Crowd for £4.95.


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  1. that shade Forward is absolutely gorgeous, and brilliant for the price too!

    Trona @ Aye Lined


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