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December 04, 2014

Getting #Inspired: Christmas at John Lewis Kingston

One Little Vice beauty blog: Christmas at John Lewis

Last night I had the real pleasure of visiting Kingston's John Lewis store for an evening of Christmas inspiration! Hidden away inside the shop, the John Lewis team had kitted out a series of rooms in the design of a traditional home - but with a very festive twist. There was a children's bedroom full of fairy lights, a seriously cosy living room, as well as an adult's bedroom and a dining room display decked out with Chritsmas trees galore. Across these rooms, I was able to experience how John Lewis' furniture and homewear could really transform a generic space into something incredibly homely, comfortable and stylish. 

One Little Vice beauty blog: Christmas at John Lewis

Upon arriving I was greeted very warmly by John Lewis' staff and PR team. There were only a few, select bloggers in attendance and by comparison there were a large number of people from the John Lewis team to talk to and this, I feel, made everyone in attendance feel really valued and appreciated. Whenever I had any questions there was always someone to talk to about the products or about the John Lewis Kingston store, and everyone's glasses were topped up the moment they appeared to be running dry! I felt as though I learnt a lot about John Lewis and their products by being able to see them in a constructed space and being able to interact with them as a "user" rather than as a "consumer". The whole thing was a great idea and I was so glad that I was invited to attend. 

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: John Lewis Kingston Christmas Event

My visit to the store definitely got me into the Christmas spirit and inspired me to include some more festive posts in the coming days and weeks. All of the beautiful displays made me realise that you only need small touches to transform your normal, everyday space into something resembling a cosy Christmas grotto! The addition of blankets, cushions, fairy lights, candles, a wreath or even just a faux-fire (hosted on the television with an accompanying crackling soundtrack) - all these little touches changed an otherwise airy and high-ceilinged room, into something with a more intimate feel. The message was simple and effective - you don't need to overhaul your home to get in the Christmas spirit. All that are needed are small updates - examples of which the Kingston John Lewis team sprinkled throughout their displays, which I've shared with you today in my photos. 

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Christmas at John Lewis Kingston

As an extra treat, we were also introduced to some representatives from ESPA Skincare who were giving arm massages using some of their gorgeous body oils. When we walked into the community room where this part of the event was being hosted, the fragrance of the products was simply beautiful! I went away seriously lusting after the reed diffusers and candles, whose scents offer another easy way to infuse your home with a new lease of life. Very kindly, we were also given some products from ESPA Skincare and John Lewis to take home with us, and I'm going to be sharing those with you all soon. A very big thank you to everyone at John Lewis Kingston and ESPA Skincare for a lovely evening - and I know I'm going to be visiting again (the Kingston branch has the most beautiful beauty department with every beauty brand you could possibly hope for).



  1. how many lovely pics
    i love christmas decorations

  2. Your photos look lovely! I'm working on mine now, should have them up in a bit! I also tried some of the skincare stuff last night and OMG. It's divine. I want all the full sizes *writes Christmas list* xxx

  3. :O I live in Kingston! I wish I could have gone, how gutting!

    Looks like you had a great time!

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