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December 09, 2014

Blog Inspiration: Where to Look for New Content Ideas

OneLittleVice Beauty Blog: Where to find blog inspiration

Although I love reading blogs I do still enjoy picking up magazines. The ones I buy most often are Elle, Glamour and InStyle, and I also check out the online beauty sections of most magazines at least once a month. I find that this offers me a useful contrast to what's going on in the "bloggersphere" and also keeps me updated with the format and writing style used in magazines. I don't copy anything I find in magazines, but I do often see tag-lines that I think would make really interesting posts - only, in magazines there are often a whole lot of pictures and very little copy (especially in the beauty section). For instance, this month I wrote a blog post about a makeup look called "The Soft Underline". It was mentioned in Elle as an upcoming makeup trend but no other information was really offered. It's a makeup look I already wear quite often so I decided to share the products I use when I wear my makeup in this way - and thus a blog post idea was born. Click here to read my blog post on The Soft Underline

I read many different blogs every day, on Bloglovin' I'm currently subscribed to 368 blogs and I probably read at least 50 blog posts a day. This gives me a great insight into trends - writing trends, photography trends, topic trends etc. Most importantly, it gives me a great insight into what isn't being written, and when there's something missing then there's a gap in the market. It's impossible to keep up with what every blogger is doing but if I see a gap in the market in the 300+ blogs I follow then I seek to fill that gap. For instance, I noticed that a lot of the blogs I follow give great advice and recommendations but they're very much aimed towards other bloggers or people who already know a lot about makeup or skincare. Some of my blog posts this month were inspired by a decision I made to spend more time coming up with posts that people just starting off with makeup would find interesting and helpful. Click here to read my blog post on How to Apply Mascara. The more you read, the more you'll notice specific gaps and will then be able to fill them with your own content. 

At home
I find a lot of inspiration around my own home and I often revisit what I already have and may well have already written about before. Blogging does not necessarily mean trying all the latest products - for instance, I don't own any of Urban Decay's Naked Palettes, and although I'd love to try them I don't consider myself a bad beauty blogger because I can't afford to purchase lots of new or expensive products. The same goes if you're a fashion blogger or a lifestyle blogger, you can revisit things you already own or places you've already been and come up with fresh content. It's about being creative and also re-featuring products from posts that have been particularly successful. I've found that lots of people have expressed interest whenever I feature the Balm's Nude'tude palette, which I received for Christmas last year. I've included it in some of my makeup look posts to give people new ideas in how to put an investment piece (like any mid to high end makeup palette) to good use. Examples are my Moody Makeup post, as well as my upcoming post on a makeup look called The Reverse Cat-Eye.

Out and about
When I go anywhere I'm always keeping an eye open for things that I might like to write about. Sometimes on the tube I see nearly every woman sporting a similar lip colour and I think, hey this is a real life trend in action. Other days, I see everyone putting on their makeup on their commute to work and this is another potential post idea - 5 minute makeup - which you could even do on the tube! It's all about spinning whatever you see around you into something relevant and interesting to read. It's just the same if you're a fashion or lifestyle blogger - keep your eyes peeled and make a note of anything interesting that you might see. I'm also pretty shameless about asking people where they got what they're wearing - whether it's a lipstick, a handbag or a pretty blouse. Most of the time people are just flattered and are happy to share, and then I know where to hunt down the products I was lusting after. This could even form the basis of a wish list post - the things other people wear that I want for myself.

Questions people ask me
Sometimes people are nice enough to leave me questions in comments or on twitter. I love when readers ask me things, because it gives me ideas for new content that they're going to really want to read. Never feel too shy to ask questions that you want answered. Do you want to know which lipstick I wore the most this year? What perfume I wear? How long it takes me to write a blog post? When I post? Honestly, as long as you're not being straight up rude (which no ever has been so far, which makes me a very lucky internet user!) then I really don't mind you asking. I can always politely decline to comment but it's more likely that I'll let you know. I usually tweet responses to quick questions that are left in comments, and longer ones may well form the basis of longer posts. (This post was inspired by some questions left me by Dannie who writes the blog Famous in Japan - and I've got a couple more to write based on requests that she left, thanks Dannie!) I also wrote a post about how to apply cream blushes after my friend Candy confided in me that she didn't know how to use them. If the post I wrote helps her then I'm sure a handful of others will also find it useful - and that makes me happy to oblige. 

What I'd love for you to take away from this post is that I'd really love for you to ask me more questions or make post suggestions. And with your own blogs, look for  the gaps and be inspired by what you can find in your own life. I hope this was an interesting read and if you liked it then I'm happy to write some more "blogging" posts soon.



  1. Such great tips! Thanks so much for sharing them! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  2. Great way to find inspiration lovely! Love reading your blog at the moment was lovely to meet you on Saturday :)

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  3. This is really interesting. I tend to get inspiration from just being out and about, which makes it difficult to come up with fresh ideas when the only places I've been in the last few days are uni and Sainsbury's! I'm definitely keeping some of these ideas in mind, thank you.

    Megan // Lazy Thoughts

  4. I'm not creative enough to use Bloglovin as inspiration, I would just end up copying by mistake haha. I do love a magazine though!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. Great post lovely! You've definitely got me inspired to think a little more "out of the box" - I like how you pick up ideas when you're out and about from seeing others and what they're doing or what they're wearing. Thinking more creatively like this means you're definitely going to post about things that others aren't - you're hitting that nail on the head for sure :-) xx

  6. I love this post! With so many blogs out there, it's hard to post content that will capture people's attention and set you apart from the rest. You offered many great suggestions - thanks a bunch for this post! Super helpful <3

    Kaylyn Nicole

  7. great little post, I really need to build up the ideas bank for 2015


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