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December 07, 2014

Getting Creative With Cream Blushes

OneLittleVice Beauty Blog: mixing cream blushes

I'm always lusting after new shades but sometimes it just isn't affordable to buy new products so it's great when you discover new ways to wear things you already own.  One of the real benefits of cream products is that you can change them up - by mixing two cream products together you can end up with a totally new colour. This week I've been playing around with mixing my cream blush shades to create new and unique colours for my makeup looks. 

I've been using my Real Techniques' Stippling Blush to apply some blush to my hand and then I mix in a second shade with my finger. Once I've fully blended them together with my stippling blush I just apply the cream blush as I normally would. Creating my own new shades has brought a lot of fun back to products that have been in my collection for a long time as it has made them feel new all over again. It's also allowed me to use colours that I don't otherwise own. I've been mixing my RMS Buriti Bronzer with a hint of Stila's Convertible Colour in Lilium to achieve a light brown blush shade that I really love. Another great combination can be made by mixing two of Illamasqua's Cream Blushes, in the shade Libido and Rude. The result is a lighter, more orange toned red that completely enlivens my complexion. 

The best part is that the possibilities are nearly endless! Not only can you experiment with colour but you can also adjust the consistency of your blushes by mixing very creamy or even liquid blush with thicker and stiffer blush to create entirely new textures. I've found it fun, and it's reminded me that although ultimately make-up is about helping us look a certain way it can (and I think should) be an enjoyable and creative process.



  1. I need to get a bit more creative - I'm just worried I'll mix stuff together and create something that looks terrible! But cream blushers are definitely the easiest formulas to mix up xx

    Magpie Jasmine || GIVEAWAY!: Urban Decay/Nars/Charlotte Tilbury/Too Faced

  2. What a great idea, I never even thought of doing that before. I don't own too many cream blushes as I have a love/hate relationship with them but I will have to try this method out soon! x

    Beauty with charm

  3. I wouldn't have thought to do this, great idea! xx


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