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December 10, 2014

Tried and Tested: Click N Curl Hair Rollers

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Click N Curl Review

Last month Hair & Whiskers very kindly sent over some Click N Curl* Hair Rollers for me to try out. I've had a lot of fun using these over the last few weeks - when I received them I was a complete hair curler novice, having never used anything like them before. However, what I've really liked about Click N Curl's rollers is that they're incredibly easy to use. You get a detachable "universal handle" which can be used with all the different sized rollers - and you simply click this into the barrels, giving you something that looks a bit like a hair brush. You then simply curl your hair around the barrel, working from the end of your hair up to the root before detaching the handle and leaving the hair to cool around the barrel. I have found it slightly tricky to get the curler to stay in my hair when I remove the handle, but it is not impossible and practice makes perfect!

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Click N Curl hair Rollers Review

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Click N Curl Rollers Review

 Pictured above is everything I was sent - one Click N Curl's Full Set in Medium* (£44.99), one Click N Curl Add-on Set in Small* (£28.99) and another Click N Curl Add-on Set in Large* (£28.99). Unless you have very thick or very long hair then you wouldn't need all three boxes to do your hair. Personally, if I want to achieve a simple and easy style that resembles a professional blow-dry, then I can get away with using just the Full Set in Medium. However, having the different sizes has allowed me to experiment with styles. I've found that when I use the smaller barrels I'm left with much curlier hair, and when I use the large barrels my hair has a lot more volume but not much curl. And when I want a more specific hair style I can use the smaller barrels around the front of my hair (to add some shape and style around my face) and the larger barrels at the back (for lift and volume).

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Hair & Whiskers' Click N Curl Rollers

How to Use Click N Curl Hair Rollers

1) Dry hair until it is 90% dry and then click your universal handle into the barrel size you'd like to use.
2) Roll the end of a section of hair around the barrel and then roll upwards until you reach near the root.
3) Wiggle the barrel from side to side to allow barrel to grip hair.
4) Detach the handle, and repeat with the rest of your hair. 
5) Once you've finished applying the rollers use your hair dryer to heat the rollers in your hair until your hair is completely dry.
6) Carefully remove each roller one by one.
7) You'll be left with noticeably lifted and volumised hair and, depending on the roller size you use, you should also have some curls too. 

Below you can see two images of me after using my Click N Curl Medium Barrel Rollers - on the left I've used the barrels with no styling products, and on the right I've added some texturising products to achieve my finished look. In both images you can see that my hair has curled ends and I can vouch for the fact that it has a lot more volume than when I don't use the Click N Curl Rollers. 

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Click N Curl Rollers from Hair & Whiskers
OneLittleVice Beauty Blog: Click N Curl tried and tested

The reason that I'd recommend Click N Curl Hair Rollers over other hair styling tools is that they offer quicker and longer lasting results than most hair curlers and you don't need to use as much heat on your hair to achieve these results. They're a fantastic choice if you want to style your hair regularly without going overboard with heat, and the results can really be varied depending on how you want your hair to look. If you have any questions about Click N Curl's Hair Rollers then please do leave me a comment or tweet me for a quicker response - @OneLittleVice



  1. The result is lovely. Your hair doesn't look curly but has a nice movement. I have long hair and they're quite thick, so I guess I would need the 3 boxes :) I really like the concept and would be curious to try them out and see how it turns out for me.


  2. I have these too and love them - they make my hair feel so swishy :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  3. this is a cool idea...i want this set

  4. They look lovely! I think I'd be terrified they might get stuck in my hair though!


  5. Looks great with the texturising products added! What did you use?xx

    1. I used the Alterna Texturising Spray* - it's my absolute favourite at the moment. It's an aerosol spray but I've never seen anything add so much volume and grit to my hair. It's fantastic for holding curls and adding some definition to hair. I also use it when I plait my hair to add hold xx

  6. These look awesome! I've never seen anything like this before. Might have to go have a look see on the website ;) x

  7. These Click n Curl hair rollers look awesome. I'm really intrigued by the concept and I want to get a set just to see how they work! Also, your hair looks gorgeous! :)

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord
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  8. Wow, really wanting to give this a go! Saves me from spending ages sat their curling it!


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