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December 11, 2014

Removing Party Makeup

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Removing Party Makeup

A first step…
If you get home from a night out and you're still in the mood for doing a full skincare routine then I'd recommend starting off by removing your make up with a product designed specifically to de-gunk your skin. I've been loving Gatineau's Floracil Gentle Eye Makeup Remover*, it's super effective at removing even waterproof eye makeup but it's still really gentle. I apply some product to a cotton pad, sweep it across my face until all my makeup is removed and then splash my face with warm water before using a cream cleanser. 

A one step wonder…
If you get home and you're not up to a full skincare routine but you can still be bothered to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin, this is when I'd recommend a one step wonder - a product that offers you a thorough yet gentle cleanse in just one step. My two current favourites are Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish and Skin & Tonic's Steam Clean. When I use either of them, I apply the product to dry skin, massage it for a couple of minutes and then I remove it with a muslin cloth soaked in hot water. They're both very effective cleansers, and they leave you with clean, smooth skin. 

A bedside saviour...
If all else fails, and you stumble into the house after your night out on the town too tired or inebriated to be bothered to do your full skincare routine, then this is when face wipes really come in handy. I've been keeping a pack of Yes to Carrots Gentle Cleansing Wipes on my bedside table for any makeup-removing emergencies. They're not miracle workers but they're good for removing the bulk of your makeup as they're very moist.



  1. I found the Yes To Cucumbers wipes really really burned my skin so it's interesting to know the Yes To Carrots ones are okay! x

  2. I really like the Steamclean too, it will be perfect for the morning after the night before as it really wakes up your skin! :) Xx


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