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December 04, 2014

November Beauty Favourites

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: November Beauty Favourites

Today's post is a slightly belated November favourites, I've had some problems with my photographs which sadly delayed a couple of posts. I've paired it back this month and I've just picked my favourite five products. It actually wasn't too hard to narrow it down, these give all seemed like obvious choices when I came to put this post together. I really like all of them and I've been using every single one of them throughout the entire month of November.

This is my current night-cream and it's just revolutionised what I understand to be a "good" night cream. It's so hydrating but it isn't too rich or heavy and it doesn't overload my skin. It also absorbs really quickly considering the results it gives my skin, which is a real plus because I hate going to bed before products have sunk in. My only complaint is that it comes in a tub rather than a tube, but the packaging is really lovely and weighty with a luxurious feel to it, so that's something. If you have difficult, sensitive skin and you're looking for a product to re-hdyrate and enliven a dry complexion, then I'd definitely recommend this. 

I've been giving my hair some serious love this month - I've been using Kerastraight's Protein Mask and A'kin's Intensive Mositure Mask weekly and I'm already noticing results. My hair is smoother, softer and more manageable, and I'm hoping that over time I'll begin to see long-term results too. Both are a lovely products from really wonderful brands, and if you're looking to pamper your hair then I'd definitely recommend them!

I was so lucky to win this lipstick in a giveaway at the end of October and it's been gracing my lips all month. It's a gorgeous bronzed-nude shade and the formula is creamy but still very light and comfortable to wear. Ilia's a lovely natural beauty brand and it's exciting to "discover" a whole new array of products to try. I'm not looking to pick up anything new from Ilia in the next few weeks (December is always such an expensive month) but, when I can afford to, I would absolutely love to try out some more of their makeup.

This has been one of the only makeup products that I wore everyday throughout November. It's a revolutionary discovery - I've finally been able to stop using powder contouring products (which were irritating my skin and breaking me out) and fully embrace cream cheek products. RMS' Buriti Bronzer is really gorgeous and gives my skin such a lovely glow, plus it's ridiculously easy to use. It's an expensive choice (it clocks in at £25) but I saw it as an investment piece and I'm really, really happy with it. I'd definitely recommend it if you like cream products and you're looking for a natural beauty alternative. However, being a cream product it doesn't have much of a shelf life so I'd only recommend investing in something like this if you're going to reach for it everyday. 


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  1. I nearly bought an A'kin serum the other day but went for an Antipodes one instead. I should try something by A'kin though! xx


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