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July 16, 2013

Discovering Bioderma: Photoderm AKN Mat SPF 30 and Sensibio H2O

make up remover and matte summer spf for oily skin

Oh Bioderma, how widely art thy praises sung!

You might be sick of hearing about Bioderma, I know that I for one have read many a review of their micelle solution. But you know what, I gave in to the hype and now I'm joining the flock. I bought a couple of Bioderma products off Escentual, and by a couple I mean two; Bioderma's Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire and Bioderma's Photoderm Mat SPF 30.

Let's start with the most well known of the two. The micelle solution  is essentially a super powered water which gets off all my (non-waterproof) make-up in one sweep. It's incredibly gentle on the skin and the proof of this is that even when I've got this stuff in my eyes (not on purpose..) it didn't sting at all. I'm super impressed by this as a pre-cleansing / make-up removing product and I'd definitely recommend it. Its price seems reasonable now that I've tried it as it really is pretty great at what it does. However, I wouldn't rely on it on it's own - still use a cleanser afterwards, I don't think a micelle solution is enough to keep skin really clean. Available at Escentual for £4.50 (100ml)

Now, onto the (sun)cream of my Bioderma crop... The Photoderm Mat SPF 30 is a sun cream for your face which doesn't leave you white, streaky or oily. Advertised with mattifying properties in mind it certainly lives up to its claims and offers protection from the sun without leaving you looking shiny or greasy. I've worn this alone and am happy to announce that it doesn't move if you sweat (this stuff isn't going to slide down into your eyes). I've also worn it under make-up and although it feels odd to me as I'm not usually one to use primers all over my face, that is what it feels like when you use this. It feels like a primer. I'm not going to lie, I would love it if this were just a touch thinner in texture as I love my skin to feel 'weightless' but it a lot better than any other facial SPF that I've tried before. Oily skinned gals, this is something that should be on your radar. Holidaying abroad or spending time outside at home, everyone needs to keep SPF products in mind. Available at Escentual for £13.70.

So, to sum up: both products are fantastic, especially for what they cost. Bioderma's Solution Micellaire lives up to the hype and is on my 'to repurchase list'. Bioderma's Photoderm Mat SPF 30 is a fantastic addition to my skincare routine but it isn't the lightest product in the world so I might look elsewhere first before instantly repurchasing.

Have you tried any Bioderma products before?



  1. I love the micellar water and really like the sound of the spf as I'm off on hols in September. Will check it out, thank you :) x

  2. I was exactly the same about Bioderma, anything that hyped is always worth being cautious of in my opinion! But it really has become a holy-grail product of mine now!

    Will have to try out the sun cream with my next order, my quest to find a facial SPF my skin agrees with feels neverending!

  3. I bought both of these! I love them and I think (fingers crossed) my skin is ok with the suncream! It is weirdly like a primer! gave me such a glow. I have however got it in my eyes after crying- oh my god it burns. But that was with waterfall tears! ;)

    great reviews xx

  4. I love Bioderma, and I do also think that it's not enough to clean skin by itself. I see SO many people say it's all they use and they wonder why their skin is a piece of crap! Just my two cents on the matter!

    A matte spf? I didn't know this existed, I feel another Escentual order coming on... xx

    Amy /


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