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July 22, 2013

My New "Thing": Glossy Lips

After 'discovering' lipstick last November I've been wearing lipstick all the time whilst simultaneously harbouring this, relatively unfounded, dislike of lip glosses. Yes, some lip glosses are sticky feeling and sometimes hair sticks to them - and let's face it, that feels really gross - but glossy lips do look pretty fricking lovely. There's something so sensuously glamourous  about a seriously shiny lip (and I'm not talking about that barely clad, fish-pouting sort of glamourous). I tend to associate glossy lips with youth, and with a sort of carefree, life-loving attitude - towards which I'm always striving. In short, to me they're not just a beauty item, they're a lifestyle choice.

And, you know what, I opted into it. It began with a blog sale purchase of a Mac Cremesheen Glass, one of the most pleasing lip gloss formulas I've ever had the pleasures of coming across. I bought a limited edition shade (Colour Saturation) that admittedly is a little but more on the Autumn/Winter side of the colour chart but I still think it looks great. Spurred on by this early success I went back to some old favourites, the Body Shop Lip Glosses have a wonderful formula and they're lovely and shiny. Now, you can see I was getting more and more into the whole thing, I moved over into Revlon's offerings (most of which I picked up at Fragrance Direct for 99p!). I absolutely love Kiss Me Coral which was sent to me by Kayleigh from Beauty Wish, and Pink Pop is another wonderful summer friendly colour - both of these can be found in Boots and Superdrug. I also have been seen sporting the Model Co. lip gloss that I got free with Glamour recently - surprisingly, for a freebie, it has a really great formula!

I've become accustomed to the upkeep required when wearing lip gloss. I've always got a mirror handy and I kind of like whipping out the adorable little tubes of sheeny goodness to top-up. I also love how light all of these options feel on the lips. In this heat wave that the UK has been having I've enjoyed a very paired down make-up routine - literally just BB cream, mascara and lipgloss, and I've never felt so good. There's a confidence that one can find by trying something different, and to be honest, I think this little foray of mine is just the beginning. I'm on a spending ban at the moment so I can't invest in anything new but I do have a Mac Dazzleglass hidden away somewhere that I previously deemed way too sticky and I'm going to have to give a second chance. Here's to second chances, and to trying something new!

What are your thoughts about lip glosses?



  1. I love the Revlon Superlustrous lip glosses! They are my favorite. Have you tried Maybelline Color Sensational glosses? They're also really nice and creamy, plus they have a ton of colors :)

    I haven't tried a MAC gloss in ages, I think it's time again! Haha

  2. I'm the same just this summer I've started picking up lipglosses for the first time since I was about 13! I love the look of a lipstick but in the summer I really prefer gloss, I love the glossy finish and the pretty colours :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  3. I am trying to get back into them actually :) like you, I really like the look of super glossy lips!

  4. I'm not a huge lipgloss fan, I used to always come across the sticky one and it put me off so much. I prefer lipsticks, definitely :) xx

  5. i love lipgloss but they cant be sticky or to thick! i love the coral colour (revlon) lipgloss in the picture above, could you tell me if its any good; not sticky etc?!

    thanks xoxo

  6. Lipglosses are my favourite beauty products :). The worst thing ever though is getting your hair stuck to your lips when it's windy - it enrages me!



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