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July 27, 2013

Fake It: Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion

I received this bottle of Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion* in the goodie bag that I received at the #LDNBloggersParty and I was very excited to give it a go. With this heatwave that the UK has been having it is sort of expected that us ladies should have some sort of colour to our limbs. Now, when you're seriously pale like I am (and extremely susceptible to burning), tanning isn't exactly an activity in which I indulge. So, when faced with the prospect of a "night out" last weekend I thought it would be nice to bronze up for the occasion.

Now, I am not new to the world of gradual tanners and on the whole I've been thoroughly disappointed with them. However, I have to admit that this Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion is the cream of the crop. It gave an intense colour, much more intense than I was expecting, but it wasn't at all orange and that's the important part. After three days of use my limbs were as brown as they were last summer, after six weeks spent in hot European sunshine (albeit slathered in sun-tan lotion), and it was believable. Comments were made about this faux tan of mine, the kind of comments that all newbies to tanning want to hear. 

"That is the best fake tan I've ever seen."

I was like- BOOM, this ain't leaving my body. And, to top all this off, no-one questioned my suddenly bronzed exterior, it was a noticeable shade, yes, but utterly believable. I wouldn't recommend this if you want something super subtle, but it is absolutely perfect if you want something easy to apply (use a mitt for streak-free application!) that looks really realistic. Oh, and it smells good too, the light cocoa butter scent masked any hint of 'fake tan' so it is totally good for use in the mornings. Basically, it's an all round winner and it comes in at a very respectable £5.35* at Superdrug. Save your skin and fake your tan!

Have you tried any gradual tanners?



  1. I'm pale as well and I LOVE this! I've a post on it soon as well. I'm preferring it to my st Tropez now.

  2. Wow this sounds awesome!! And such a great price too :)


  3. I have never tried any products like this, thanks for the information!

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