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July 07, 2013

Soothin' and Smoothin': Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask

hydrating moisturising face mask to soothe and refresh tired or dry skin

I own another Super Facialist face mask and my success with that one definitely encouraged a second dip into Super Facialist's skincare offerings. This face mask happens to be another wonderful gift from my friend Tom (he knows how to spoil me) and I am thrilled with it. I have a small arsenal of face masks aimed at exfoliating and cleansing my skin but there's not one moisturising mask in sight. Super Facialist's Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask had its work cut out for it as I had high expectations, but it didn't disappoint.

Rose scented but oddly grainy, it was all a little unexpected. I'm not used to such soothing scents gracing my face when I apply a mask and the texture is downright bizarre. However, ten minutes later without one moment of stinging (always a good sign that what I've slathered on isn't irritating my sensitive skin) I removed the face mask with warm water and my trusty face sponge to find far smoother and more hydrated skin. It was a success story from day one, and now I happily use it once a week to counteract any dehydrating effects from my weekly clay mask. And every week it repeats its magic, it isn't a one hit wonder. It is definitely suitable for sensitive skin and I find it very effective, which isn't what I was necessarily expecting from a drugstore face mask. The Super Facialist range is really quite fabulous, for a fraction of the price of higher end face masks you get a wonderful product (and quite a lot of it too). I've been using my 125ml tube of Super Facialist's Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Mask for months and months now and I still have product left. The amount of product you get makes them even better value for money and means that I'll undoubtedly be using this hydrating face mask into winter, which is lucky as that is probably when I'll most need it. 

There isn't anything I dislike about this face mask, I'm even a fan of the packaging (and I can be really fussy when it comes to packaging). Overall, it's a winner and I'd definitely recommend it, but if it doesn't tickle your fancy then (if you haven't already) do take a peek at the Super Facialist range at Boots as there a whole range of lovely products worth some attention. You can find this face mask in Boots stores or online here.

Do you use a moisturising mask?



  1. It's such a shame we don't we this brand in our country, I guess I'll have to order it from web :)! Great review and thanks for introducing it to us :).


  2. Heard only good things about this mask. As it's so cheap I think I'll have to try it, especially as I don't have a purely hydrating mask xx

  3. I. Need. This.
    I think its about time i got a moisturising mask!

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