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July 19, 2013

"Do you dry brush your skin?"

My dry skin brushing saga began with a fairly innocuous question from my father. We were having a conversation about dry skin when he asked me "do you dry brush your skin?" Now, as much as I love a good moisturiser or body oil I'd never really invested in any skin care tools. A dry brush you say? I didn't even really know what it was or what you did with it. Skip forward four weeks and it's now safe to say that I'm hooked on dry brushing. 

All you need is a natural bristle brush (like the one pictured above) and you use this brush on dry skin, brushing your skin upwards / towards the direction of your heart. I tend to start from my ankles and work upwards, concentrating especially on any "problem" areas. Problem areas for me are areas of cellulite, so the backs of my thighs and my bottom, however, if you have dry or peeling skin you should also focus on those areas. In upwards strokes I work up my body and I dry brush all over. You don't need to press hard with the brush, its best to be gentle on your skin with the aim of improving circulation, removing dead skin and stimulating the lymph system. 

Over time you'll notice a number of different benefits. First off, and this is the first thing you'll notice, your skin is going to look and feel smoother - and you won't need to use any expensive exfoliating products. I also find that when my skin is 'prepped' in this way it absorbs moisturisers / body oily more quickly. The next thing you'll start to notice, although this takes more time, is that your skin's texture will become more even. What I mean by this is that areas of cellulite will drastically improve, both in appearance and to the touch. In addition, I've found that I don't ever get any spots on my back anymore (no more dreaded 'backne') and from what I've read elsewhere dry brushing is supposed to be helpful at reducing body acne generally. All in all, your skin is left smoother and softer. 

Basically, I can't believe I wasn't doing this before. One small addition to my routine and my skin looks and feels so much nicer. If you don't already do this then it's something I'd highly recommend giving a try! You can find body brushes in Boots stores or online, some examples are here and here.

Do you already dry brush your skin?

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  1. I've never really thought of bothering with this but it seems like there's really something to it! Might have to try it out :)!

  2. If this means spending less money on expensive exfoliating scrubs and creams, then I'm definitely trying this out for myself! :) xo

  3. Why oh why do I not own one of these? Sounds amazing! Beth May Blogs
    My Bloglovin

  4. I swear by dry skin brushing! I do it every day, really makes a difference :)
    Nicola xx

  5. I've never done this before, I really need to try now!

    Water Painted Dreams

  6. Ohh TK Maxx always have a bundle of these in their beauty section - i might have to make a sneaky purchase!

  7. I've been meaning to get a dry body brush for ages, but it seems to be one of those things I always forget about! NEED to get one xx

  8. I love dry brushing, it's made a massive difference to my skin!

  9. I totally agree I have been doing this for years! You really notice the difference!

  10. I dry brush, but I'd always thought no one else did, haha! Brilliant post.

  11. not something i really ever thought about i suppose

  12. It's great on cold winter mornings. Get out of bed and dry body brush. It really gets your blood flowing so you warm up really quickly. I love it.


  13. This is such an amazing post :) thank you for your recommendations :)

    Gem xx


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