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July 05, 2013

On My Nails This Week: OPI San Tan-Tonio Nail Lacquer

nude polish swatch santantonio
nude polish santantonio

Oh nude nails, when will I ever be able to let you go? Lately, OPI's San Tan-Tonio has been gracing my nails. It's on the darker end of the scale, more 'tan' than I ever go that's for sure! However, even against pale, sun-parched skin it looks sophisticated. The formula wasn't exactly what I was hoping for from such a high end polish, it was opaque in two layers but it took three layers (and seriously precise application) to get it streak free. It lasts really well on my nails though, four days chip free even with a pretty happy-go-lucky approach to using my nails - the longer they grow the less respect I seem to give them. I am never going to a woman with enviable talons!

What nail polish(es) have you been loving lately?

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  1. Ooooo I do love POI and this shade is gorgeous. Such a shame it took three coats!

  2. It'll look lovely with a tan, xoxo.

  3. This is a really lovely colour. I think nudes are my favourites as they don't distract too much from your outfit :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. This is a lovely shade, will look great with a tan or without! x


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