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November 28, 2014

Festive Fingertips: Seventeen Glitter and Tinsel Nail Effects

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Seventeen christmas glitter nail polishes
OneLittleVice Beauty Blog: Seventeen Glitter and Tinsel Nail Effects polishes review
Left to right: Seventeen Glitter Effect in Gold*, Red* and Gold*, Seventeen Tinsel Nail Effect in Red* and Blue*

We're only days away from December and I'm getting ready… I'm breaking out the berry lipsticks, the darker smokey eye makeup and the glitter. It's all coming out and I'm getting seriously Christmas party ready. A month or so ago, I was lucky enough to win some of Seventeen's Glitter and Tinsel Nail polishes and I have to admit that every since then (in an homage to the upcoming festive period) I've been rocking a glitter topcoat. I've loved layering Seventeen's Glitter Nail Effect in Red over Nail Inc's St. James and I've also loved how Gold looks when layered over Ciate's polish in Dangerous Affair*. Next up in my rotation is going to be Seventeen's Tinsel Nail Effect in Red (which is actually very much pink…) and I'm going to layer over one of my pink Essie polishes. These topcoats from Seventeen aren't the best that I've ever come across but they're great for jazzing up "normal" nail colours and as they come in at £3.99 each they're not going to break the bank! 



  1. Whilst I love glitter I rarely use them these days as they are a bit of a pain to get off. I never want to spend much on a glitter polish so these are ideal! :)
    Amy | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a really nice blog here. Love the last blue polish! Your new follower :)

    from Lazygulrox

  3. The gold one is a beauty :)
    Nice clicks :)

  4. I love the gold nail polish!

  5. these glitter polishes are so pretty! thanks for visiting my blog :)

  6. The tinsel effect in blue is my favourite! Would look great over a deep blue! xx

  7. The thing with glitter polishes, I always prefer them in the bottle than on the nails. However, the red, green and gold would look stunning on top of flat red, green or gold polish and perfect for the festive season.

    It's the first time I've felt Christmas-y this year, just thinking about those polishes xD

    Juyey xx


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