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November 24, 2014

Things You'd Prefer Not to Happen Right Before a Big Date (that have all happened to me)

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In the spirit of sharing more about myself I thought I'd jump in at the deep end and share some of the awkward and annoyings things that have happened to me before much anticipated dates… 

Being involved in a literal cat fight…
This is the most recent humiliation. It happened in the afternoon before heading out to meet my new crush and I was trying to persuade my cat to vacate the living room to pre-empt his freak out when I turned on the vacume cleaner. Instead of politely obliging me as I would expect from a small creature whose life depends on me, he accidentally scratched my face. I say accidentally because his reaction to being picked up was to flail like an angry sea creature and I suppose he could have ended up scratching me anywhere. I don't know if you've ever tried to cover scratches with make-up… it doesn't work. And having to explain face scratches isn't ever a turn on. fuuuuuu….

"Losing" your house keys… 
That feeling right before you leave your home before a first date with someone new - butterflies. Only, imagine that this is replaced with the stomach dropping realisation that you're locked inside your own home. Twenty-five minutes later after ripping apart my entire flat I realised that they were in the back pocket of my very on-trend at the time treggings. Not only did this mean that I had to come home to what looked like a disaster zone but it also meant that I arrived late and looked a little more on the cave-woman end of the spectrum than I would have liked.

"This bus is on diversion"
This is probably the most frustrating of the three and will be most familiar to Londoners. When you've done everything within your power to get somewhere on time, looking as mighty fine as humanly possible, when you hear that all too familiar gut-wrenching overhead message that "This bus is on diversion" and you're about to end up in god knows where. The only thing that's even worse is when your tube just stops in an underground tunnel with no information on how long you're going to be stuck in the pits of hell, and there isn't even any reception to send a polite heads-up to the poor man waiting for you. London, you have cock-blocked me one too many times!

Please leave me your stories so I can feel part of a larger sorority of dating woe!



  1. Hahahaha...the last line of this is BRILLIANT!

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. get your hair makeup and outfit on point, walk out the door and the heavens open turn up looking a complete mess! good old british weather!x

  3. so true...i loose my house key for my first date with my boy..


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