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November 17, 2014

Natural Beauty Products: RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer Review

How to apply RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer review
How to apply RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer

I first mentioned RMS Beauty's Buriti Bronzer in my Naturisimo haul that I posted at the beginning of the month. Since I first got my hands on it, the Buriti Bronzer has replaced all my other bronzing and contouring products. It's a cream bronzer named after one of its content - Buriti Oil. It's actually full of skin-friendly ingredients, with other notable ingredients being; Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Seed Oil and Cocoa Seed Butter. As far as make-up goes, I've never been more comfortable incorporating a product into my daily routine. 

RMS Beauty's Buriti Bronzer is quite pigmented if you swatch it with your finger. However, once your start blending the cream into your skin it sheers out into a subtle wash of colour that's incredibly wearable. I've experimented with ways to apply this bronzer and I like to dab it onto my skin with my fingers before reaching for my Real Techniques' Contour Brush to blend it into the hollows of my cheeks to achieve a natural looking contour. If I've gone a bit overboard by accident and want to tone the look down then I use the brush I applied my foundation with (usually Real Techniques' Expert Face Brush or Buffing Brush) to further blend the product into my skin. 

natural bronzer for light to medium skin tones

You don't need much product to achieve a beautiful look and the colour works as both a contour and bronzing product on my very light skin, it adds warmth to my complexion without being at all orange. As the colour can be varied depending on a) how much product you use and b) how much you blend it into your skin, I think that the shade would work on a range of skin tones from very light to medium/tanned. Although I love the finish, it doesn't last a very long time. However, I've been applying a setting powder over the top to prolong its wear time and this generally works well enough for my personal tastes, but it might not be long-lasting enough for everyone. 

I'm really happy to have treated myself to this bronzer, I know that it's going to be a staple of mine for a long while. RMS Beauty's Buriti Bronzer comes in at £25 which is on the pricier end of the spectrum but I think that it is definitely worth the money. It's available from Naturisimo and Love Lula - and keep an eye out for voucher codes, I used one that gave me £10 off £50 spends (I also picked up RMS Beauty's Living Luminiser which I'll also be reviewing once I've properly put it to the test).



  1. Great post! This product looks awesome!

    Missmacbeauty | Missmacbeauty

  2. Your skin is glowing. Lovely review. Ashley ♡

  3. This looks so gorgeous on you! Such a pretty shade x

  4. looks amazing on you
    i use it also everyday and everyone tell me who flawless looks on me *_* such a gorgeous product,



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